Monday, January 02, 2006

They Gave Me A Car

Apparently the men of Tabernacle didn't like the fact that the pastor drove a 1985 Honda CRX around town, so they did something about it.

I bought the little car for my son back in the 1980's. He went to the Marines, returned and decided it was too small for him. He moved up and purchased a new car leaving the little Honda.

I wasn't about to waste a fully paid automobile. For $2,000 I put a new engine in it, had the body work retouched and amused myself driving all over town in the little car that's about the size of a Volkswagon. I could drive a month on a few gallons of gas. In two years, there was never a repair needed.

However, the men decided that the pastor deserved something better.

For Christmas, they presented me with the keys to a Ford Taurus. They made sure I knew that it was paid for and had a tank of gas.

I drove away in the Taurus, giving God and the men of Tabernacle a great thanks.

I didn't ask for the car, but I certainly received it in the spirit in which it was given.

What about the Honda? It still runs. It is paid for and insured. It reminds me never to get too high and to keep the common touch.

The Taurus is a sign of God's favor.

I'll keep them both.