Saturday, October 10, 2009

Make it Count

In the movie "Saving Private Ryan" a soldier who gave his life to save Private Ryan grabs him in the collar just before dying and says, "Make it Count."-Then he died.

At the end of the movie, Ryan cries over the man's grave wondering did he live a life that was worth the sacrifice the soldiers made for him to live.

Youth are able to do many things because of the sacrifices of parents and others, but I wonder sometimes, is it all being wasted?

A student who has honor roll capabilities, but does not perform on that level; a person who squanders a talent or another who involves himself in criminal activities; do they all waste the sacrifices made for them?

Adults squander paychecks, gamble away futures and waste countless years on loose living and small expectations. Have they wasted the sacrifices made for them?

Then, I think of how Christ died to save us from our sins and we constantly return to them. Was it wasted on us?

There is a bible verse in 2 Corinthians 6:1 that says, "We then, as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain."

God is blessing us today for a purpose.

Let's make it count.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

What Shacking Means

I met a fine couple once who lived together but were not married. They explained that they loved each other but were not ready to commit to each other.

In the interim they enjoyed each other, had sex and shared space. Since neither would commit to the other, they would continue this arrangement with the full knowledge that at any given time one of them would walk away if the chips are down.

I thought about that and wondered at the time lost by two people who were just using each other.

Why would anyone want to be used? Yet, that is what shacking means: Using each other without any promises.

Committment means: If you get sick, I'm there. If you are down on your luck, I'm there.

If you get fat, I'm there. If you are depressed, I'm there.

If you win or lose, I'm there.

If you become disfigured and hard to look at, I'm there.

When you embarass your self and me too, I'm there.

If you are dying in the spirit, I'll love you back to life. If you are attacked, I'm there.

If you are dead broke, I'm there.

People who shack up do not share these attitudes. They use each other as fallbacks, financial crutches, vibrators, and simple instruments of convenience and pleasure, but if things get tough one or the other will be tossed aside.

In a shacking relationship at least one partner refuses to say "I'll be there for you." What they really say is, "If the chips are down, don't count on me."

When your mate refuses to committ, then your mate should find someone else to use as a banker, social worker, landlord, cook, driver, billpayer, vibrator or sperm receptacle.

In plain language: He or she should commit to you or get out!

I told that to the couple.

Six months later they sent me a wedding invitation and a thank you card!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

They Pushed God To the Edge

God is back on the dollar coin, or will be soon!

I collect coins, so I found it interesting, like millions of others, that many of the new Presidential dollar coins did not have the inscription “In God We Trust” on their face.

I didn’t notice it until I started getting emails from believers all over the country asking me to refuse the new coins because they left God out.

I checked it out. Sure enough, in 2007 the Congress authorized a series of presidential dollar coins commemorating U.S. Presidents. The design took “In God We Trust” off the face of the coin and put it on the edge or rim along with the words “E Pluribus Unum.”

That caused quit a stir across the country. The internet was abuzz. Most of the emails urged believers to refuse the coins because God had been removed.

Last year the Congress voted to have “In God we trust” placed back on the face of the coins beginning in 2009 as soon as doing so would be practical.

So it appears that we pushed God to the edge and now we’re bringing him back to the face.

That took an act of Congress.

Will it also take an act of Congress to move God one final time? Where?

...To the forefront of our hearts.