Saturday, December 02, 2006

Grandpa on the Web

I have a myspace page! I found that the young hang out on the web.

They hang out mostly on wesites called "" "" and a few more.

This year I decided to be a 57 year old youngster and hang out with
the youth of America on myspace.

On myspace you see a side of people that you never knew including
their music, fantasies, fears and ideas of fun.

I found it a great way to minister as well.

I also have page. It's strickly for the young at heart.

If you choose to open a myspace page, you must keep an open mind.

You will learn a lot about today's young people and get the pleasant
opportunity to minister to many in a private way.

I learned more about the youth of my church on myspace than I ever
learned in person.

I'm 57, hanging out with the youth.
However, I found out that many of them enjoy their myspace grandpa.

For many, I am the father figure they never had.

You can set up a page for yourself. You'll be surprised to know how
many of your friends have a page too.

If you are curious, he's the link to my page:

Love Ya
Grandpa on web
Roosevelt Wright, Jr.