Thursday, June 03, 2010

Faith in the Word on Sunday, live against it on Monday

A politician who loves the Word but votes against; can that be?

Often politicians express openly that they have great faith in God and follow the teachings of the bible. For example President Obama claims to be a Christian but he promotes the acceptance and expansion of homosexuality in the nation and endorses abortion, both of which are repeatedly called abominations in the word of God.

The latest example of political inconsistency came this week when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said she believed "The Word" (she wouldn't say the word God) should drive public policy. Here's what she said:

“They ask me all the time, ‘What is your favorite this? What is your favorite that? What is your favorite that?’ And one time, ‘What is your favorite word?’ And I said, ‘My favorite word? That is really easy. My favorite word is the Word, is the Word. And that is everything. It says it all for us. And you know the biblical reference, you know the Gospel reference of the Word.”
“And that Word," Pelosi said, "is, we have to give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the values of the Word. The Word. Isn’t it a beautiful word when you think of it? It just covers everything. The Word."

Pelosi, a devout Catholic, says she believes in the Word but for political reasons she votes for abortion and promotes homosexuality, both of which are banned in the Word.

Jesus said of those who learn his words in Luke 6:48-49 "If you work the words into your life, you are like a smart carpenter who dug deep and laid the foundation of his house on bedrock. When the river burst its banks and crashed against the house, nothing could shake it; it was built to last. But if you just use my words in Bible studies and don't work them into your life, you are like a dumb carpenter who built a house but skipped the foundation. When the swollen river came crashing in, it collapsed like a house of cards. It was a total loss."

If politicians actually put the word into public policy the nation would be a drastically different place.

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