Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Blessed in the Mess

  Have you ever considered  how God blessed you last year in the middle of all the mess that surrounded you?
  It was all around you: in your family, at work, at home, in your relationship; it was everywhere.
  Yet, in the middle of that mess God blessed you anyway.

  Luke 6:8 details an instance where a man with a withered hand sat in the midst of many people who called themselves religious, but no one did anything to help him. In that time many believed that withered limbs, leprosy and other abnormal conditions were caused by sin; the victims brought it on themselves. So, no one helped the man with the withered hand, but there were probably many opinions about the cause of his problem.

  In the middle of all of that mess Jesus appeared and told the man to “rise up and stand forth in the midst.” Right there in the middle of the mess that added to the misery of his life, Christ healed him.
  He was blessed while still in the middle of his mess.

   Today, we have the same witness. In the middle of our mess, God raises up believers and blesses them right in front of those who doubt our faith.

   Today, as you step forward into the mess the world has created for you, prepare to be blessed!


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