Thursday, January 02, 2014

Let the Haters Talk

Does it bother you that many people watch you every day?
Whether you know it or know there are many people who watch you. Some watch you because they admire you and the keep track of your every move. There are many who track the movements of movie stars and recording artists; they know all about them.  They study them and know them very well. You are not a star, but they track you for the same reason.

However, there are some who watch you for different reasons; they are trying to find a reason to criticize or tear you down.

That’s what is happening in Luke 6:7. The religious leaders were watching Jesus to find a reason to criticize him. They looked for anything they could find to accuse him of wrong doing, even if he healed the sick on the Sabbath.

Jesus was always aware that people watched all he did, so he chose his words carefully, but remained true to his calling.

We should remember that we can’t stop people from watching us, but we can control what they see. Let’s follow Jesus’ example and choose our words carefully and act responsibly, so when our critics report our activities or “hate” on us they won’t have anything embarrassing truths to report.

Jesus’ attitude was simple, let the haters talk, but don’t let their talk stop you from doing God’s will.


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