Monday, March 25, 2013

Positive God Talk

There is such a thing a positive God talk. Ever heard of that?

Positive God talk is conversation with others about the greatness of God and how important He is to your life and family.  It’s talk about what God has done, how he has touched your life and opened your eyes to things that have always been there, but you have not seen. Positive God talk is contagious, people want to hear it. Neither is it conditional. Even when things are going wrong for us, God is still good.

In Luke 24:14 shows us two men walking on a road who were engaged in positive God talk about Jesus. They talked about the crucifixion and believed Jesus to be a prophet with a mighty word. They talked of his persecution, miracles  and many other events. They were excited and their conversation was filled with positive God talk.

When God has moved in your life, it’s a good idea to fill your mind and heart with positive God talk. Talk about  the wonderful things he has done in your life. Talk about the confidence he inspires. Talk of the strength he gives.  Even when life tests us, we still should have positive God talk.

The bible calls positive God talk witnessing. It’s recognizing God’s hand in our affairs and pointing it out to those who want to know. You can feel the excitement in a room when people begin to tell of the wondrous ways God has blessed them, including sometimes causing them to fail to save them. That’s when you hear someone say, “It wasn’t nothing, but the Lord!”

“It wasn’t nothing, but the Lord, chile!”, “It wasn’t nothing, but the Lord.”

That’s positive God talk.


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