Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Greatest

Luke 22:26-27 
Muhammad Ali promoted himself as the “Greatest” in fact, he said he could “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” He was a great champion, but he is probably loved and respected because of his willingness to champion the less fortunate around the world. Whether in America, where he was stripped of his title for refusing to fight the innocent or overseas where he spoke for the rights of the little people,  Ali was a champion of the less fortunate.
He was a great boxer, but what probably made him the “Greatest” was his service to mankind.
In verse 226-27 Jesus’ disciples debated among themselves about who would be the greatest in the kingdom of God. They wanted to be in positions of power. Jesus told them that the one that would truly be the greatest would be the one who served most.
That’s true even today. 
Those that we revere as the greatest are those who served most. Whether its in your family or the church, the ones you remember as the greatest in your opinion, were usually the ones who served others most and themselves less.


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