Thursday, March 21, 2013

Betrayed by a Friend?

   Have you ever been betrayed by a person you thought was your friend? That’s a hard pill to swallow. We trust our friends with our confidential information, fears, weaknesses and sometimes we tell them our intimate thoughts. It really hurts when a person misuses that trust and reveals your secrets or acts against you.
That’s what Jesus referred to in Luke 22:21. At the Last supper he said someone eating with Him would betray him. Someone in his inner circle would turn Him in to the authorities. 
   Everyone at the table asked, “Lord is it I?” including Judas, who knew the answer to the question.
   As believers we must be careful not to betray our Lord. We do that when we claim to be His followers, but live just the opposite. When we try to sleep with the hounds and run with the rabbits we betray him. When we run with devil all week and then sit among the Saints on Sunday, He says, “Someone who is praising me with their lips and shouting hallelujah, is betraying me right now?”
  Every one is the church asks the question, “Lord is it I?”
  Only Judas knows the answer.


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