Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Absolutely 'flicted!

We’ve all seen people that we thought were absolutely “off the chain!” They did and said crazy stuff. The old timers around us had a way of describing erratic, changes in mental or physical health as being “flicted.” It was not proper English, but everyone understood what they meant.

Flicted covered a whole range of problems such as mental instability, foolishness, immorality, bi-polar issues, infidelity, abusive behavior and often physical illness.

When we couldn’t understand why a person with money in his pocket shoplifted from a store, it was described as ‘flicted. The man who had a beautiful loving wife, but felt the need to cheat, could only be described as ‘flicted. Bodily aches and pains and sicknesses were also called, "flictions."

We have a few flictions ourselves, if we tell the truth. We have flictons in our body. Flictions in our heads. Some of us have flicted zippers and skirts.

James 5:13 says people who are ‘flicted should pray that God would help them deal with their fliction-issues. It says, “Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray.” The person who is flicted should pray for him/herself.

In most cases people are so flicted they won't pray for themselves or won’t, so in the meantime those who are affected by the ‘flicted people have to keep praying for them.

The prayers of the faithful can go a long ways.


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