Friday, January 09, 2015

Ask a favor for Judas, too?

    Have you ever put it all on the line for someone, pleading in their defense or asking a favor for them? If so then, you know what it is to intercede or act as a middle man to help someone.
   There are many who are hired on jobs, get promotions, get scholarships or other opportunities because someone recommended them, pleaded their case or called in a favor to help them. It helps to know someone on the inside.
   In John 17:9 Jesus intercedes on behalf of his 12 disciples, even Judas. He asked God to show them favor because they have been loyal to him. He specifically notes that in this prayer he is not praying for the whole world, but especially for these twelve. (In verse 12 he notes that since  Judas' role was ordained, he doesn't like what the son of perdition is doing, but he prays for him anyway).
   In verse 13 he asks God to give his followers “my joy.”
   His prayer was personal, specific and in line with God’s eternal plan. It asked God to favor his followers to the extent that they put themselves on the line for the cause of the kingdom.
   Like Jesus, we pray intercessory prayers, too. These are not prayers for the world, but for specific people. These prayers are personal and touch the heart. We ask God to favor a friend in need or a hurting family. We ask that an opportunity be made available for a deserving person.
    There have even been times when we asked a favor for someone who hurt us in the past. We followed Christ's example.
    We ask him to give them “The joy of the Lord” for their situation.
    Jesus pleads for us and God shows us favor, often undeserved.
    We should intercede for others, even the Judases in our lives, and ask God to help them know the “Joy of the Lord.”
    Those who know the “joy of the Lord” can pray for Judas, too!


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