Monday, March 20, 2006

Flash Backs

During Worship yesterday we showed flashback slides of "The Way We Were" while the choir sang a variety of selections emphasizing that we have "Come a long way."

The snapshots brought smiles and laughter as we saw younger versions of ourselves and our friends in the congregation. Everyone has changed. Even those who were older agreed that time did most of them a favor.

Included in the photos was a shot of my wife Joslyn at age 23. Then there was a picture of me at 22. I was wearing Sansabelt, highwater pants, Nylon socks, and a Banlon Turtleneck. I thought I was it..then. Size 28 waist. Slim and Trim.

Well, 35 years later I'm a size 38, but spiritually I think I'm still slim and trim.

Snapshots give us a way to measure how we have matured over the years.

Flashbacks have a way allowing us to see how God has blessed us and worked with us over the years.

The good news is that even the snapshots I take today, will look funny a few years from now, because God is not through with me yet.

I thought I was "it" at age 22. However, when God gets through with me..that's going to be a great snapshot. That will be "it."


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