Friday, March 17, 2006

Whose Hand Is In The Puppet?

I watched our church puppet team practice last night. The group of high spirited youth made the inanimate puppets come to life. With their hands inside their mouths and rods working their hands, the puppets danced and moved at the will of the puppeteers.

I noticed at one point in the practice that the puppeteers changed places. It was interesting to see how the same puppet, in a another hand, acted differently. It was the hand inside the puppet and not the puppet itself that controlled its actions.

There is a hand that guides us too. We can tell when that hand changes from God's hands to Satan's hand. Like the puppet, we are often guided by the hand that directs us. Our job is to stayed prayed up so that we are always guided by God's hand.

The puppet is not real. It can't detect when its operators have changed. We can.

I will be sensitive to the hand that is guiding me because it's that hand that will determine where I go, what I say, and what I do today.


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