Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More than Enough

The computer in my office has been upgraded. The technicians say that I now have a server that has four huge disk drives that operate at the same time. Should one stop working, another will automatically kick in. It holds an awesome amount of data.

I only have four of the drives running. It can handle up to 16 drives, all running at the same time. If something happens to one, the other automatically kicks in. Wow!

That's more than enough. I'll never use it all. But it's available.

The grace of God is the same way. It is more than we will ever need. In our short lifetime we will never be able to consume all of the love, mercy and blessings God can provide.

It's like that computer in my office. The only reason I won't have more is that I don't install the disks and use them.

Right now, I have more computer space than I can use.

God's grace is not just "sufficient"; it's more than enough.

I'll think about that today.


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