Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Help, I Have No Sewerage!

"Does your church help people with no sewerage?"

That was the question I was asked Monday from a desperate caller who explained that she was a poor mother on a fixed income whose sewerage has backed up. She said she had no way of paying to have it done.

As I was on the phone trying to help this woman I could not escape the irony of the moment. As I worked to help her, the Roto Rooter truck was parked at my house because my sewerage was backed up too.

There were towels all over the floor. Carpet had been stripped. Washing machine water flooded the house and was bubbling from the floor.

When Joslyn and I walked on the carpet, it was like walking on a wet sponge!

When the plumber left, the Roto Rooter man told me about 40 feet of drainage line needs replacing. When everybody finished: The carpenter who replaced my bathroom tiles and woodwork, the plumber and the Roto Rooter man, we needed $2,000.

I felt like the lady who called me. I need a number to call.

Then I remembered a song, "Jesus is on the mainline, tell him what you want!"

Hello Jesus, do you folks in heaven help people with $2,000 sewerage bills?

We have sewerage now.

Anyone need the number we called?


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