Monday, March 13, 2006

Look At Jesus

I attended the 60th birthday party of Sister Mildred James on Saturday March 11th. It was sponsored by her eight children and grandchildren.

When I looked around the room, I saw all of her children and grandchildren. There were almost 100 people present to celebrate her birthday.

I am humbled to know that I have had the honor of being pastor to all of her children and grandchildren. I have seen the family at its high moments, struggling and also in its sorrow. I have married its children and buried its dead.

Saturday night was one of those high days for Sister James.

Staring around the room, I saw all of the happy faces and listened to the testimonials and expressions of love. Powerpoint photos of smiling family members and fun times danced across the screen. It was inspiring.

Sister James was happy. She looked like a woman of 40. She glowed.

She is known in our congregation for a saying she normally says whenever someone is blessed, "Look at Jesus."

When I saw a hundred happy family members and friends, all healthy, reasonably happy and all saved, her little motto had a great significance.

I shared her sentiment.

Look at Jesus!


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